What is the Canadian Farm Learning Centre?

The Canadian Farm Learning Centre is an online management tool created to assist farm business owners in furthering their knowledge and understanding of farm management. The learning centre presents complex topics in an easy-to-understand online format that is structured to enhance adult learning.

Farmers are able to work through individual courses addressing farm legal and tax structures, financial management, succession planning, business management and wealth management topics.

Once the farm business owner becomes familiar with a topic, they are provided with worksheets and quizzes to further their knowledge by incorporating the specifics of their own farm business.

Who Created the Canadian Farm Learning Centre?

The Canadian Farm Learning Centre was developed by a team at The Retiring Farmer™ (TRF).  TRF has worked alongside Canadian farm families in the areas of tax, retirement, and estate planning for over 35 years. If there are two things they understand it’s farmers and managing wealth.

Over the years and through their relationship with farm business owners, TRF has witnessed major changes within the farming community. From small family farms to large corporate entities they have come to learn what establishes a successful farm business; businesses that understand the importance of good planning. It’s that simple.

So how does a farm business manager implement good planning skills? By educating themselves on farm financial matters and partnering with professional advisors who are knowledgeable not only within their specialties of accounting, tax or law but also understand the business of farming.

Why Was the Canadian Farm Learning Centre Created?

Simple. To give farm business owners the tools to develop a deeper understanding of how to best manage their farm business.

As stronger business skills are developed, a farm business manager is better equipped to work alongside their professional advisory team to develop a stronger and more efficient farm business plan.

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