Managing Risk in Agriculture


Managing Risk in Agriculture

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What is Risk and Risk Management?

In its simplest form, risk is defined as the uncertainty of an outcome with potentially undesirable results.

Risk Management is the process of identifying, evaluating, and understanding risk in a manner that helps a person or group achieve the goals of their enterprise or project and is designed to reduce or eliminate the risk of certain kinds of events from happening or having an undesirable impact.

Risk Management as a Process

The Key process involved in risk management is to think strategically in advance and to manage risk within the framework of a plan, the outcome of which will support logical and effective decision-making in a timely manner.

The Importance of Risk Management Planning

The Risk Management Course provides participants with an understanding of the risks facing their farm operation and how to adopt Risk Management practices to plan for opportunities and mitigate negative events.

The Risk Management Course

The Course will help you to define risk, identify the categories of risk, and classify and prioritize risks to your operation.

This 5 chapter course will cover:

  1. Defining Risk
  2. All About Risk
  3. Types of Risk
  4. Assessing Risk
  5. Managing Risk

After completing the Risk Management Course, the farm business manager will have a deeper understanding of how risk may affect the overall management decisions of a farm operation. The risk mitigation measures outlined will also better prepare a farmer to operate a safer and more efficient farming operation.

Both the course content and course worksheets will guide the user through these complex topics in a fun and engaging format.

Worksheet #1:

What Risks Apply to Your Farm Business

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Worksheet #2:

Risk Assessment Worksheet

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Worksheet #3:

Risk Prioritization Worksheet

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Worksheet #4:

Risk Prioritization Summary Worksheet

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Worksheet #5:

Effective Risk Management Tools & Practices

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Worksheet #6:

Standard Operating Procedures

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Worksheet #7:

Business Planning Worksheet

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Worksheet #8:

Risk Management Action Plan

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In order to successfully pass each course, the participant must:

  1. Receive a passing grade of >60% on the course quiz
  2. Spend adequate time reviewing all online content (approx. 5-15 hours)
  3. Fill out all worksheets (approx. 12 worksheets per course)

SKU: 005